Jakub Had (serpent in Slovak) is a type of non-venomous snake from the family of graphic designers found mainly in Central Europe. He shows signs of intelligent life and his hallmarks include creativity, agility in the digital world, and peculiar humor. Klikni tu pre slovenčinu.????




Graphic design (online & print), Ui & Ux design, Consulting and Executing start-up ideas. I use Apple, but I don’t tempt my clients. In the ssspare time, I sneak around the Internet, ride a bike or skateboard.


Jakub Had likes to experiment, he transfers trustworthy businesses into the digital jungle and preserves their authentic character while doing so. Among the snakes, it is not usual to be gentle, creative, and calm. Nevertheless its exactly how Jakub is and how a good design ought to be.

But Jakub lays low as a proper snake should and he works on his personal development. He focuses on branding, marketing, and functional design. His motto „less is more“ proves to be right time and time again.


Eazy since 2014,
Without any creative limitations.

Since I began to focus on the complexity of the services in online and print graphics, I founded eazy.studio. In eazy.studio we like what we do and we do what we like. We are a sssturdy bunch doing our own thing. 


Successful delivery website


Designing new brand

Infinity creativity 


Let’s bite into it.

No matter if you have hit the wall with your business or you just want to shed your skin and revive your brand in the online ecosystem... You are at the right place. With sssmall projects I can help you myself, and we will tackle the bigger ones with my creative team at eazy.studio

WARNING: After your eyes have been splashed with content from this page flush your eyes with water and
contact me ASAP. If you are sssick of writing emails book a 30 min. call with me, no strings attached.

My inspiration and ambition are worldwide. Follow my story:

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